Our Mission

1. To harness immunity for therapeutics using biomaterials engineering strategies
2. To advance our understanding of immunobiology
3. To nurture the growth of future generations of biomedical engineers from various backgrounds in an inclusive education environment

Our Vision

We envision future therapeutic strategies that capitalize on the full potential of immune system and provide patients safe and effective treatments.

Our Credo

We believe our primary responsibility is to the scientific discoveries and therapeutic innovations that our research effectuates. We must constantly strive to conduct rigorous impactful research that engenders scientific and clinical value. We must strive to lead the field with our vision and high-quality work. We must be constantly learning and growing as science evolves to emerging frontier.

We are responsible to all our trainees. We must foster inclusive research environment where every individual is respected and recognized. We must be dedicated and motivated so that all team members can maximize their potential and have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We must be receptive to suggestions and critiques in all aspects. We must allow failures for the benefit of growth. We must provide trainees opportunities for career development and advancement and support their future career endeavors.

We are responsible to local community and society at large. We must advocate for science research and education. We must engage in outreach and provide training and education opportunities to young students.