Yaoying Wu, PhD

Dr. Wu is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University. His independent research is focused on designing biomaterials strategies to harness immune responses for therapeutics. He became interested in immunology and biomaterials during his PhD research with Dr. Theresa Reineke at University of Minnesota, where he earned his doctoral degree in chemistry. His passion toward immunoengineering research grew stronger during postdoctoral training in Dr. Joel Collier lab at Duke University, where he developed a unique self-assembling nanofiber vaccine platform and demonstrated its therapeutic potentials as cancer vaccine and other therapeutics.

Dr. Wu grew up in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in China. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Tianjin University, and Master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

He is passionate about science and education. In this team, students will have ample opportunities to learn both materials engineering and immunology, and to grow as independent biomedical researchers. but also contribute to future therapeutic innovations.