Innovating at the interface of biomaterials and immunology research, our team joins the Department of Biomedical & Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University in January 2023

Engineering Immunity for Health

Our Missions

1. To harness immunity for therapeutics using biomaterials engineering strategies
2. To advance our understanding of immunobiology.
3. To nurture the growth of future generations of biomedical engineers from various backgrounds in an inclusive education environment.

Our Research

Orchestrate cellular dynamics for immune modulation

Regulate local immune responses for disease treatments

Principal Investigator

Yaoying Wu, Ph.D.

Assistant professor (Jan. 2023)
Department of Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
BioInspired Institute
Syracuse University
– PostdocDuke University & University of Chicago
– Ph.D.University of Minnesota
– M.S.Beijing University of Chemical Technology
– B.E.Tianjin University

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